ADHD Counseling: benefits of walking

As mammals, we all benefit from being outside and moving our bodies on a regular basis. For people with ADHD, spending time outside daily and exercising is necessary to support emotional regulation and other executive function challenges. Walking is a … Read more

ADHD Counseling: aging brain

Here is an excellent article on ADHD in an aging brain: I specialize in assessing ADHD in adults and offer ADHD counseling. I see in my practice “a growing number of older adults who are being diagnosed with ADHD … Read more

ADHD Counseling: managing time and emotions

A recent article in the New York Times describes different approaches used by families to support partners or children with ADHD, “a neurodevelopmental condition that can make it difficult to manage both time and emotions”. ADHD coaching is one emerging … Read more

ADHD Counseling: women diagnosed midlife

The author of this essay describes the feelings she had about getting diagnosed in UK with ADHD at the age of 39. “I’m neurodivergent; I have moderately severe ADHD and I’ve only just found out, at the age of 39. … Read more

ADHD Counseling: Adult struggles

This article describes very real struggles experienced by adults who have ADHD. It used to be thought that children can outgrow ADHD. We know differently now. “Common traits of ADHD include: Not following through on longer tasks (or not starting … Read more