Couples Counseling – Gottman Method Assessment

The Gottman Method couples assessment can help pinpoint what causes your relationship challenges as well as what your strengths are. This assessment is appropriate for any stage of your monogamous relationship – new, premarital, or marital. Through this detailed assessment and a rich library of in-session and take-home exercises and strategies, the counselor trained in the Gottman Method can help deepen the overall connection between both partners.

The Gottman Assessment applies Gottman’s 40+ years of research to over one hundred questions in a detailed self-assessment to measure your overall relationship health, friendship and intimacy, romance and passion, how you manage conflict, your shared meaning, your levels of trust and commitment, and more.

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Gottman Method couples assessment features:

  • Scientific self-assessment measures five key relationship areas
  • Calculate relationship happiness with an Overall Relationship Satisfaction score
  • In-depth analysis of relationship strengths and weaknesses
  • Personalized Coach recommendations for improvement

When therapists refer to assessment, they need a chance to enter your world and spend some time understanding how you interact with each other and where the pain points are. Assessment for a couples therapist is two-pronged. It involves the therapist identifying each of your respective personalities, needs, and what triggers you. It involves understanding how these layers impact you as a couple when you come together. A therapist is a neutral party. So it’s also important for them to evaluate the dynamics created as each of you works to have your needs met in the relationship. The therapist uses assessment to get a sense of unhelpful behaviors.

Full Assessment Package

  • Online Gottman Relationship Checkup Questionnaire (completed on your own between sessions)
  • Three 75-minute encounters: (prices)
    • Session 1 is 75-minutes long with a focus on the relationship;
    • Sessions 2 and 3 are two back-to-back 35-minute individual sessions;
    • Session 4 is 75-minutes long, focusing on Scoring, Evaluation, and an initial Treatment approach
  • Option to begin Gottman Method couples therapy if desired


  • Online Gottman Relationship Checkup Questionnaire
  • One 75-minute results session (prices)
  • Option to begin Gottman Method couples therapy if desired

Gottman Method with Elaine Korngold

I completed post-graduate training in Gottman Method Couples Therapy: Levels 1, 2, and 3, “Treating Affairs and Trauma”, and “Couples and Addiction Recovery”. My experience and other trainings are described here. Please text or email to schedule a 20-minute phone consultation — both partners need to be available for the consultation. Gottman Method couples assessment is a good way to start evaluating where you are at and what is needed for you to meet your goals.