Couples Counseling – Gottman Assessments Packages

The Gottman Couples Assessment can help pinpoint what causes your relationship challenges as well as what your strengths are. This assessment is appropriate for any stage of your relationship – new, premarital, or marital. Through this detailed assessment and a rich library of in-session and take-home exercises and strategies, the counselor trained in the Gottman Method can help deepen the overall connection between both partners.

Gottman Couples: Full Assessment

  • Online Gottman Relationship Checkup Questionnaire
  • Three 80-minute encounters:
    • Session 1 is 80-minutes long with a focus on the relationship;
    • Sessions 2 and 3 are two back-to-back 40-minute individual sessions;
    • Session 4 is 80-minutes long, focusing on Scoring, Evaluation, and an initial Treatment approach
  • Option to continue Gottman therapy if desired

Gottman Couples: Mini-Assessment

  • Online Gottman Relationship Checkup Questionnaire
  • One 80-minute results session
  • Option to continue Gottman therapy if desired