Elaine Korngold

My name is Elaine Korngold and I counsel adults online in my private practice, Ask Counseling LLC, in Portland, Oregon. During the Coronavirus pandemic, you can get mental health support via teletherapy without exposing yourself to the virus. I help people process complex emotions, build resilience, and adopt new behaviors as they deal with issues related to: 

**** COVID-19 UPDATE: In the interest of protecting medically fragile people in our community and reducing the virus spread, I am seeing all clients via online therapy. Book your FREE 20-minute consultation to learn more. ****

All of my specialities work very well in the teletherapy format. I integrate Brainspotting therapy and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy / Parts Work in my practice to treat anxiety, depression, phobias, addiction, PTSD, trauma, OCD, low self-esteem, money issues, career struggles, and a variety of other conditions. By focusing on each person’s unique strengths, we develop practical, creative, and immediate solutions, and build self-reliance and confidence. In sessions, I incorporate body awareness, grounding, and self-care.

Making a life change is not trivial at any age, and you may wonder if it is even possible. Fortunately, according to neuroscience, our brains have the capacity to learn, grow, and change in every stage of life, and in that, there is hope. You can teach an old dog new tricks!

In a space free of shame and judgment, we can address your life, work, money, or relationship issues, with psychotherapy customized for your individual needs. At Ask Counseling, all your questions are welcome! I look forward to working with you.