Surviving Spouse Support Group

Losing a loved one is often a devastating experience that could unmoor anyone. While grief is a natural part of life, some widows and widowers find themselves unable to move on from loss and need professional support to heal.

The distress of loss and bereavement often goes unspoken. Many people do not know how to discuss these painful topics, and their avoidance can leave the mourner isolated in his or her grief, compounding the suffering. Surviving Spouse Support Group creates an close community for people to process bereavement among others going through similar parallel experiences.


Small Therapy Group for Surviving Spouses

In group therapy, people learn to openly express their emotions with others who share their loss and know what they are going through. The rapport they build with peers promotes deep relief, insight, and re-integration with the world around them. Group members can experience growth and transformation through grief, strengthening their resilience and achieving a new understanding of what life means.

The Group Experience

The therapist guides the group members through explorations of grief, and supports each person as they refine the skills to rebuild their lives. We examine what is lost, what is left, and what is possible. In a safe, supportive space, the group allows each individual to investigate and deal with the overwhelming feelings that often accompany loss, without judgment.

Benefits of Group Therapy

  • Permission to grieve openly
  • Processing unresolved issues that are extending the grieving process
  • Exploring ways of honoring the loved one
  • Learning healthy strategies for dealing with grief that can be used right away
  • Gaining a sense of belonging and knowing that one is not alone
  • Developing a renewed sense of purpose grounded in helping others

Surviving Spouses Group Structure

The group is offered periodically and meets weekly for 1.5 hours. Each member receives personalized attention to make sure his or her needs are addressed. The group’s sense of community helps break isolation. Group members are heard, validated, and empowered to take the next steps toward emotional well-being.

Each group is limited to 8 participants. If you or someone you know is interested in joining Elaine’s group, please text or email Elaine Korngold, LPC, for more details.