Shopping Addiction Therapy Group

Shopping Addiction Therapy is a comprehensive educational coaching experience designed to teach specific skills, tools, and strategies to help you eliminate compulsive buying and overshopping behaviors.

If you’re thinking about trying this group program, ask yourself this: “Am I or is anyone close to me concerned with my shopping and spending?” If the answer is yes, this therapy can help.

Shopping addiction

The Group Therapy Experience

Group therapy offers a powerful, time-tested combination of peer support, encouragement, and feedback under the guidance of a trained professional. The presence of others with the same issue helps members bear their isolation, failure, guilt, and pain, and greatly reduces fears of judgment and humiliation.

Benefits of Shopping Addiction Therapy

Shopping addiction therapy helps break through the denial of this destructive behavior, leading to awareness rather than avoidance of the problem. The group fosters hope: members share triumphs and disappointments and grow from both. Highly supportive, the group has educational and experiential components and includes homework and goal setting each week.

Changing Compulsive Buying Behaviors

The goals of the shopping addiction therapy are to interrupt the compulsive buying behavior and to establish healthy purchasing patterns instead. The program employs a wide array of techniques to achieve this goal. You acquire many practical tools and learn a variety of relevant skills and strategies in a confidential space, while building relationships and gaining confidence and support from your peers.

What Will I Learn?

  • How to identify triggers, cues and consequences of your overbuying
  • How to manage and control overspending urges
  • How to mindfully engage with catalog, TV, Internet, and store buying
  • How to track your spending and evaluate your proposed purchases
  • How to set relevant, achievable goals and go after them
  • How to learn what you’re really shopping for and how to get that
  • How to deal with the inevitable lapses and relapses that are part of recovery

Each group is limited to 8 participants and is run periodically, when there is a demand. If you or someone you know is interested in joining Shopping Addiction Therapy Group, please email or text Elaine Korngold, LPC, for more details.