Therapy and Consultation for Clinicians

While most clinicians are aware of the importance of self-care, finding the right therapist to work with could prove challenging. Therapy for clinicians ranges from processing difficult emotions that come up in sessions, to figuring out the financial future for their practice, to career coaching help with identifying and marketing to the chosen niche of clients. Elaine Korngold offers therapy and consultations for clinicians and coaches.

  • Are you experiencing a low level of energy at work?
  • Do you feel irritated when working with some clients?
  • Are you losing your sense of humor?
  • Are you experiencing the world as unsafe?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed managing the business of your practice while treating your clients?
  • Are you unsure how to market your practice?
  • Do you wish you had more clarity about your practice’s financial goals?
  • Are you struggling with bringing up money with your clients?
  • You want to transition to a private pay practice, but don’t know where to start.

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How Elaine Helps Clinicians

The issues that therapists encounter in a private practice range from being emotionally triggered by client’s presenting problems, to not knowing where to start in terms of setting up a private practice, to not having clarity of how to manage a successful practice short-term, or long-term. Elaine Korngold offers therapy and consultations for clinicians and coaches in any of her specialty areas.


Elaine consults on your cases in any of her specialty areas. Elaine is an Approved Brainspotting Consultant, a Certified IFS Therapist, and a Certified Trauma, ADHD, and Autism counseling provider. Please reach out via email or text if you want to learn more about working with or assessing Neurodivergent clients, doing Career Counseling, Financial Therapy, Gottman Method Couples Therapy, or integrating Brainspotting into your Parts Work (IFS). In addition, as an Approved Brainspotting Consultant, Elaine offers 60-minute consultation sessions to Brainspotting practitioners wanting to become certified and grow in their Brainspotting journey.

Emotional Support for Clinicians

Elaine offers a unique combination of Brainspotting Therapy combined with Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy to help therapists identify and process the distress of various therapists’ parts that show up during client sessions. Examples of therapists’ parts that may need attention include:

  • Feeling like an impostor, incompetent, a fraud, unworthy, or inadequate
  • Feeling unsafe
  • Experiencing fear
  • Putting your guard up when being lashed out at
  • Holding responsibility for client’s safety and well-being
  • Fearful of causing harm
  • Afraid of letting clients down
  • Burned out
  • Being rejected
  • Triggered and feeling emotional pain
  • Wanting to “fix” a client
  • Concerned about reputation

Financial Therapy for Clinicians

Studies have found that many counselors enter the profession with a primary goal of helping others and with little clarity on what is required to run a successful private practice. Counseling graduate programs rarely offer training in how to:

  • Set up a business,
  • Choose a niche,
  • Build an effective website,
  • Market to the desired demographics,
  • Identify and network with the referral sources,
  • Set financial goals for the business and march towards them, and
  • Grow and maintain the practice.

Elaine has a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) and expertise in Financial Therapy. She helps counselors clarify their financial and business goals, process feelings of guilt or shame around dealing with money, and embrace the financial activities of running a private practice with joy and without fears.

Career Counseling for Clinicians

Becoming an owner of a private counseling practice means becoming an entrepreneur. While many counselors want to focus solely on providing therapy services to their clients, neglecting the business side of things leads to undesirable outcomes. Successful business owners often spend 50% of their time running the business, and 50% of the time providing the services to customers. While therapists are usually well-prepared to provide counseling services, running the business may not be in their wheelhouse.

Through career counseling and coaching Elaine helps counselors build and grow the skills needed to run their businesses. We develop detailed task lists required to start and manage a successful practice, and stay on track with fulfilling each task. In the process, we address difficult feelings that come up and block progress, such as fears of “selling” services to the prospective clients, or the discomfort of marketing or networking.