Life Transitions: movement instead of exercise

During short dark winter days in Oregon during the pandemic, it might be especially hard to get motivated to go outside. But as mammals, our brain and bodies regulate better when we experience fresh air and move freely outside on a daily basis. It’s especially important for clients with ADHD –  moving and getting “green time” is part of maintaining a necessary baseline to support all executive functions.

This article describes how having an active lifestyle is more important that engaging in specific exercising. If exercising feels like a chore you’d rather avoid, think instead of just moving your body, preferably outside during day time.

“Our bodies change as we age, and you may not always feel able to train intensely. Incorporating achievable movement throughout the day, like standing up for a short while or taking a walk, can make a significant impact.”

Elaine Korngold, LPC in Oregon helps older adults with life transitions and offers ADHD counseling.