ADHD Counseling: A spectrum of core symptoms

This article is an interesting high-level big-picture perspective on key features of ADHD: “… core symptoms of what is now labeled ADHD can be considered to exist on a spectrum from really strong attributes to really significant deficits.” The core … Read more

ADHD Counseling: Treating people over 60 or seniors

This article describes some of the challenges of counseling adults or seniors with ADHD (who are 60 or older). “ADHD doesn’t diminish — like your hairline or stamina — with age.” “In fact, symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may … Read more

ADHD Counseling: Apps for Time Management

I have recently learned of two apps that may be helpful to people with ADHD who struggle with time management, such as getting up in the morning, or organizing themselves with the morning or daytime routines. Alarmy is the app … Read more

ADHD Counseling: Struggling with Focus

Pandemic has been hard for everyone in various ways. Some people with ADHD have been really struggling with focus while working from home. When the physical environment stays the same, and there is no clear boundary between working space and … Read more

ADHD Counseling: Comics

I recently discovered these great websites with ADHD comics that I wanted to share with you: ADHD comics were created by Dani Donovan in Nebraska. These are all related to mental health issues that people with ADHD struggle with. Examples … Read more

ADHD Counseling: a family tree exercise

ADHD is highly genetic, meaning that it is passed on through the genes you inherit from your parents. According to the research described in (Sarkis, 2011), if you have ADHD, there is a 75% chance that you inherited ADHD genes … Read more

ADHD: increased risk for addiction

The article below describes the heightened risk for substance use disorders among people with ADHD. “Kids and adolescents with the condition are 2.5 times more likely to develop substance use disorders (SUD) than their peers, according to research in the … Read more