ADHD Counseling: Adult struggles

This article describes very real adult struggles experienced by those who have ADHD. It used to be thought that children can outgrow ADHD. We know differently now.

“Common traits of ADHD include:

  • Not following through on longer tasks (or not starting them)
  • Getting distracted by other tasks or thoughts
  • Seeking out risk or activities that provide an immediate reward
  • Restlessness (either outwardly or internally)
  • Interrupting other people (without wanting to)”

“Symptoms are similar for both adults and children, although elements of them differ or change as we age. For example, inattention is the most persistent symptom in adults.”

“ADHD can be debilitating and is associated with a higher likelihood of lower quality of life, substance use issues, unemployment, accidental injuries, suicide, and premature death. ADHD can also cost adults around £18,000 per year because of things like medical care or paying for social support.”

“It’s also commonly associated with a wide range of co-existing conditions in adults. Depression is almost three times more prevalent in adults with ADHD. And nearly half of all adults with ADHD also have bipolar spectrum disorder.”

“Around 70 percent of adults with ADHD also experience emotional dysregulation, which can make it more difficult to control emotional responses. And it’s thought that almost all adults with ADHD have rejection-sensitive dysphoria, a condition where perceived rejection or criticism can cause extreme emotional sensitivity or pain.”

“On top of this, adults with ADHD may have poor working memory — such as being unable to remember a simple shopping list — and “time blindness” — the inability to perceive time. Some may also have oppositional defiant disorder, which means they often react poorly to perceived orders or rules.”

“Understanding the condition in adults, taking it more seriously as a disorder, raising awareness of it, and investing in services to improve diagnosis times are key.”

“Diagnosis opens the door to treatment, which can have a marked impact on living with the disorder — such as improving self-esteem, productivity ,and quality of life.”

Elaine Korngold, LPC, offers ADHD counseling to adults and can assess and diagnose ADHD when necessary. If you are an adult with ADHD struggles, contact Elaine to learn more or to schedule your free 20 minute phone consultation.