ADHD Counseling: bullet journal to make life more manageable

Many of my clients with ADHD find that using some form of a bullet journal adds structure to their lives, introduces time for reflection and planning, and allows a single place to keep track of things without the distractions that a smartphone adds.

This article describes one journalist’s experience with a bullet journal: Social media has millions of posts on various uses of bullet journals, making the experience competitive and overwhelming for some. Limiting your usage to these 3 key features can help streamline the experience:

  • Reserve the front 5-10 pages for the index;
  • Number the pages after the index;
  • Start every subject on a new page (to make it easier to find in an index), date the page, and write the subject name on top of the page.

After completing your first bullet journal, you will get a better idea on what your subject areas are, and what features you may want to add in the future to enhance your journaling experience.

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