Financial Therapy: “crowd-sourcing” family money tips

We are told many contradictory things about money that result in complicating our thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Here is an entertaining article that gathers NYT readers’ ideas on managing money and keeping families together –

Couples Counseling: Gottmans follow their own advice

Here is a wonderful article that describe how John and Julie Gottman talk about how they met and fell in love, and how they follow their own advice to keep their relationship special:

Changing your lips may change you

Studies have found that when the ability to make facial expressions have been hindered (through Botox), there is a decrease in emotional experience. People may lose the ability to feel very happy or to feel very sad –

Couples Counseling: Gottman Method research findings

In sessions with couples using Gottman Method therapy, I often quote various research statistics from the Gottman Institute. For example, most relationship problems (69%) never get resolved but are “perpetual” problems based on personality differences between partners. For these types of … Read more