Brainspotting Therapy: panic attack – ways to cope

Panic attacks revolve around feeling terror, says this recent article. “Though people mainly associate them with the mind, they’re actually constellations of symptoms, both physical and cognitive. Your brain is seized by fear; your body responds, and it can be … Read more

Brainspotting: a short book about emotions

This beautiful book was recently recommended to me – “The Rabbit Listened” by Cori Doerrfeld — I use it in in sessions when we do Brainspotting for emotions. It has been recorded on YouTube – This children’s book is … Read more

Trauma Psychotherapy: bottom-up therapy

Traditional talk therapy is considered a top-down approach because it works primarily with the neocortex (on top of our brain) where speech and language live, and encourages people to think their way through their emotional responses in their subcortical or … Read more

Brainspotting as Trauma Treatment

A colleague of mine from Atlanta wrote about offering Brainspotting treatment to a client with a traumatic background and ADHD who was coping by analyzing and intellectualizing. “Sara came to me for Brainspotting after years of therapy. She states: ‘I … Read more

Brainspotting: feelings in your body

During Brainspotting therapy and Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapy sessions, we may ask clients to notice where in their bodies they are experiencing their feelings. For some clients, that’s a difficult question. They may have spent decades trying hard not … Read more