Brainspotting as Trauma Treatment

A colleague of mine from Atlanta wrote about offering Brainspotting treatment to a client with a traumatic background and ADHD who was coping by analyzing and intellectualizing. “Sara came to me for Brainspotting after years of therapy. She states: ‘I … Read more

Brainspotting: limbic countertransference

Countertransference is the therapist’s emotional reaction during the session to what the client is saying or experiencing. When the client is describing their past trauma, the therapist ends up being exposed to various feelings, images, or senses that are invoked … Read more

Brainspotting: adverse childhood experiences and addiction

This article describes addiction as a “ritualized compulsive comfort-seeking”, a normal response to adverse childhood experiences as measured by ACEs Study. “ACEs comes from the CDC-Kaiser Permanente Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE Study), groundbreaking research that looked at how 10 types of childhood … Read more

Brainspotting: unspeakable trauma

“A major challenge to treatment is that victims of severe complex trauma have trouble disclosing their abuse in verbal form. Current neuroscience helps us appreciate that it is not only cultural taboo about rape and justifiable fears of retribution that … Read more