Career & ADHD Counseling: a time management tool Ti-Mandi

Many of us struggle with prioritizing which tasks we need to work on, especially when our time is limited and the list of tasks is overwhelming. This is particularly challenging for clients with ADHD. Those who take medication to help manage their ADHD often find that while their focus improves, they can still lose time by being focused on the wrong activity. The article below provides an excellent visual of how to use 4 quadrants to figure out what to work on.

“The key to effective time management is to be ever vigilant against ‘the tyranny of the so-called urgent’. It is inevitable that any task labelled ‘urgent’ will attract attention – no matter how trivial it may be. There is no escaping this compulsion.”

“This means that the only way for managers to gain control of their time is to take command of the labelling of their activities. Managers must decide for themselves which activities are important and whether an activity merits the label ‘urgent’.”

“In doing this, urgent labels that have been attached to unimportant tasks must be removed. The time saved then makes it possible to attach urgent labels to important tasks that are being neglected.”

“This daily battle to take charge of one’s use of time is dramatized by the Ti-Mandi window. The window shows how, by using the complementary processes of breaking away and getting focused, managers can ensure that all their time is spent on activities that are both urgent and important.”

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