Brainspotting, Life Transitions, Parenting: handling birth trauma

One-third of women experience birth trauma, often during preventable situations. The experience can leave the new mother traumatized and unwilling to have any more children, even though she and her partner may have previously discussed having more.  A “one and done” decision after a harrowing labor and delivery experience isn’t uncommon among women who endure a psychologically traumatic childbirth. Birth is traumatic for 1 out of 3 women due to:

  • Lack or loss of control: 55%
  • Fear for their baby’s life or health: 50%
  • Severe physical pain: 47%
  • Not enough communication from provider: 39%

Brainspotting therapy can help women process the birth trauma and treat PTSD, so that they are no longer triggered by nightmares, fears, or difficult emotions of giving birth.