Career Counseling: Disappearing Job Offers – COVID-19

These are such challenging times – practically overnight some people went from interviewing for jobs and entertaining job offers to experiencing sudden layoffs or disappearing job offers. The uncertainty about the future due to the Coronavirus Pandemic is impacting all industries at all job levels.

The article below recommends the following possible activities to pursue when your job offer suddenly disappears:

  • If the position is now on hold, confirm what the reasons for this hold are (it might be due to COVID-19 or it might be a coincidence)
  • Reposition yourself for the current hiring reality
  • Give the hiring employer space
  • Start doing the job and make yourself indispensable
  • Find another job and use the competing offer to force the hiring decisions
  • Use the pause to jumpstart other leads

You can also use this pause to engage more deeply in career counseling. Your career ‘self’ is one aspect of you that is closely linked to your early experiences with authorities, your parents’ dreams for you and for themselves, your relationships and obligations today and in the future. You are a whole individual with unique circumstances affecting your job search at any given time. The pre-requisite for a successful job search includes understanding your character, your internal values, beliefs, and goals, and it does not happen in a vacuum. Difficult emotions can come up as part of this deep work. I integrate career counseling with mental health counseling and specialize in Brainspotting therapy. Brainspotting therapy helps people process distress and difficult emotions that are blocking them from pursuing their dreams. During COVID-19, I see all clients via secure online video therapy. Text me at 503-770-0810 or book your free consultation to discuss how I can be of help.