ADHD Counseling: finding a therapist

Here is a good article that describes what kind of a therapist to look for and what kind to avoid, if you are struggling with ADHD.

“You don’t need a disciplinarian, a blamer, or a comforter. You need a therapist who’s actually equipped with solutions and strategies uniquely designed to work with your ADHD brain. These aren’t the therapists you’re looking for.”

“Warning Signs A Therapist Might Not Be Right for You:

  • Seems impatient and/or distant
  • Listens only superficially
  • Offers quick solutions
  • Speaks of your situation/disorder in generalities
  • Has preconceived notions of treatment
  • Makes sure you know about his importance and expertise in his field
  • Undermines your self-confidence

Signs A Therapist Might be Perfect for You:

  • Doesn’t rush
  • Makes you comfortable
  • Listens to you — really listens, and makes good eye contact
  • Takes your concerns seriously
  • Engages with you as a human being
  • Has ideas you respond to
  • Gives you confidence in yourself and your abilities”