IFS: reduces PTSD in patients with childhood trauma

This article describes the first funded, independently administered IFS study led by Dr. Hilary Hodgdon,  at the Trauma Center, Justice Research Institute, in Massachusetts, USA, that sought to assess the efficacy of IFS on patient outcomes. 17 adult participants received 16 weekly, 90-minute sessions of IFS Therapy. The paper describing the study was accepted for publication in the Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma.

“The results showed that IFS therapy had significantly positive effects on adults with PTSD and histories of exposure to multiple forms of childhood trauma.”

“It was shown that, following the sessions, PTSD and depressive symptoms were significantly reduced, with an overall time effect observed, as were associated symptoms related to affect dysregulation, somatization, and dissociation (all with a significant overall time effect, and large statistical significance and effect size). Increases in self-compassion and interoceptive awareness were also seen. Notably, at the one-month follow-up assessment, 92% of participants no longer met criteria for PTSD.”


Elaine Korngold, LPC in Oregon at AskCounseling.com, is an IFS Therapist helping adults heal from PTSD and childhood trauma. Contact Elaine for more information.