Couples Counseling: Gottmans’ 8 dates

John and Julie Gottman wrote a new book “Eight Dates : The Essential Conversations That Lead to a Lifetime of Love”. Their big secret to creating a love that lasts and grows over time is simple: make dedicated, non-negotiable time for each other a priority, and never stop being curious about your partner. Four decades of research have led them to the eight topics that matter most to relationships — trust and commitment; conflict; sex; money; family; fun and adventure; growth and spirituality; and dreams. If couples keep talking together about these eight essential topics, they have the best chance of their own ‘happy ever after’.

Date #1: Lean on me

Date #2: Let’s agree about how we disagree

Date #3: Ignite the passion

Date #4: Time to talk about the cost of love

Date #5: It really is a family affair

Date #6: Be adventurous

Date #7: How to grow old together

Date #8: Live the dream