Unemployed due to COVID-19

During the last few weeks, we have experienced daily changes in our environment. For many, the work environment has changed too. For those who are now unemployed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, Unemployment Insurance becomes a crucial safety net.

Here is a good article explaining Unemployment Insurance – https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/17/your-money/unemployment-insurance-coronavirus.html

Unemployment Insurance Basics

Here are some basics about Unemployment Insurance in Oregon (and beyond):

  • There is no shame in claiming Unemployment Insurance.
  • Employers pay Unemployment Insurance tax, not workers.
  • Oregon has one of the most secure Unemployment Insurance trust funds in the country.
  • You are not automatically allowed Unemployment Insurance if you are fired, and you are not automatically denied Unemployment Insurance if you quit – in other words, it depends…
  • You do not need to be a US citizen to get Unemployment Insurance, just a work permit.
  • You can file your Unemployment Insurance claim in any state you’ve worked in, where the wages are used to build your claim. Each state’s Unemployment Insurance laws and weekly benefit amounts are different.
  • You can receive Unemployment Insurance benefits while being employed part-time, self-employed, or a student.

Here is the link to Oregon Unemployment Insurance website to learn more: https://www.oregon.gov/employ/unemployment/pages/default.aspx

These uncertain times may present an opportunity for you to engage in career counseling and re-assess how what you have been doing so far has been for you, and what options you might have in the future. Book your free teletherapy consultation to discuss how I can be of help.