Parenting: College Admissions and COVID-19

For parents raising a teenager, the last year of high school is stressful by itself. With the Coronavirus Pandemic, the amount of added uncertainty can be tremendously challenging for everyone’s mental health.

This article (transcript) describes the difficulties arising due to the last minute changes in financial aid, testing, and college admissions for high school seniors. Here are some excerpts:

“For many schools, March and April are when they send out the bulk of acceptances or denials. Financial aid packages are sent out, too — setting up the options for how to pay. Traditionally, May 1 is ‘decision day,’ the deadline for students to submit a deposit to hold their spot at a school for the following fall semester. But there’s a growing movement this year to shift the deadline back a month, to June 1, to give students and families more time.”

“As high schools move to online classes — some for the remainder of the school year — and in some places, letter grades transition to a simple pass or fail, many students are worried about the impact that will have on their high school transcripts. In some places, even getting a final transcript and sending it off to colleges may be difficult, with buildings closed down and office staff working remotely. Guidance counselors are also worried that it may even be hard to confirm that students have actually graduated — since many states rely on end-of-year grades and testing to confirm that status.” 

“Colleges are also bracing for an influx of adjustments to financial aid packages. For many families, their financial situations are changing. Estimates predict that millions of Americans are filing for unemployment this week. And the amount families thought they’d be able to pay come fall might be different now.”

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