Mental Health During COVID-19

Here is an excellent article from Harvard Global Health Institute, describing the impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic on our mental health. We are experiencing a global fear in response to threat, which enhances our survival and at the same time hinders our ability to think clearly.

“The COVID-19 crisis is characterized by uncertainty. It began with uncertainty about the virus itself, where it originated, how it spread, and who was most vulnerable. Then came the uncertainty about which countries would be affected and how health systems would respond. Researchers within our community and around the world have worked rapidly to provide answers. Government officials have mobilized containment and mitigation efforts by implementing policies, allocating funds, and distributing resources. Within our Boston community, healthcare leadership has gone to great lengths to provide guidance and implement emergency preparedness plans. Yet, the current pandemic has brought forth an acute but increasingly chronic uncertainty that is rippling throughout the different domains of our lives.”

“Events have been cancelled, schools have been closed, and business have shut their doors. Individuals, companies, and cities are being asked to make life-altering changes to everyday activities, often with little notice and little time for preparation. At this point, we don’t have a clear idea of how long this new rhythm of life will last and what is still in store. In the haze, fear abounds. Fear is biologically adaptive. In response to threat, fear increases alertness and arousal needed to ensure survival. In this time of continued and almost overwhelming uncertainty though, the dampening effect of the prefrontal cortex is hindered and initial fear may become impairing anxiety.”

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